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We are SaferOptics

An average day at home involves play time, learning time and if there's tech gadgets — screen time. Today's children learn and absorb new things through watching television, learning channels, video content, online platforms and games.

Gadget and screen use

Did You Know?

Increase in gadget use and near work on computer screens raises exposure of damaging High Energy Visible light into the eyes. Glare from artificial light sources on screens lowers contrast so your eyes have to work harder to focus. Too much harmful blue light exposure and near focus result to digital eye strain, poor quality sleep, headaches and may increase risk of short-sightedness.

Why Safer Optics?

My name is Shu and I am a mother of 2 active little boys. Like many parents, I am aware of the negative effects from too much screen exposure to my kids' eye health.

We have been running a humble family owned optical lens manufacturing laboratory in Malaysia for more than 30 years. As an independent, professional ophthalmic manufacturer, we produce high quality and comfortable blue light blocking lenses, which has gained popularity due to the many benefits of anti-blue light and anti-glare coating.

I looked for an eyewear brand that parents can trust — that protects, that is safe, and one that kids love to wear. Coming from an optical industry background with years of research and quality assessment, SaferOptics was born.

SaferOptics Optical Laboratory

What Sets Us Apart

Each pair of SaferOptics blue light blocking lenses meets strict quality control criteria that promises only highest quality optical products are being delivered for your little ones.

Made to order — Our laboratory processes your order, edge and fit the lenses, quality check, clean and disinfect every pair before packing and delivery. >> FAQ

SaferOptics anti blue light glasses block blue ray light from screens, prevent headache, reduce eye strain and glare.

SaferOptics Lenses:

  • Helps to protect the eyes from digital eye strain caused by prolonged use of electronic devices.
  • Non-prescription (non-powered) and Safe for all kids.
  • Latest Generation of UV+420 Anti-High Energy Blue Light Coating.
  • Powered lenses are available if you have an Optometrist's or Eye Doctor's prescription.

SaferOptics Eyewear frames are:

  • Super soft
  • Light weight
  • Super flexible
  • Withstands pulling, tugging, rough-tumble play
  • Available in many colours

Official Certifications

SaferOptics Eyewear Official Certifications

Safer Screen Time


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