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Why choose SaferOptics UV 420?

The effects of staring at screens are obvious. Tired and watery eyes, headaches, blurred vision, red eyes from too much rubbing. Blue light from computer screens and digital devices decrease contrast, leading to digital eye strain, fatigue, dry eyes and discomfort. Apart from these, prolonged blue light exposure can cause retinal damage to light-sensitive cells.

UV 420 high energy visible light spectrum

Blue light is a type of short wavelength light emitted at high energy from the sun, LEDs and digital screens. For the sake of long term eye health, we focus on the light up to 420 nm.

In the visible light spectrum, the shortest wavelength and highest energy light falls between 400 - 420nm. The light in this part of the spectrum is particularly harmful, as it can pass through the cornea and directly reach the retina. Prolonged exposure can damage light sensitive cells and cause greater oxidative stress.

Sources of blue light - mobile smartphones, tablet, laptop screen

While most adults check smartphones every 10 minutes, kids and teens also use these devices for entertainment, gaming and educational purposes. The more hours you’ll use your devices, the high amount of blue light rays will penetrate the eyes.

Children and younger individuals are at particular risk, because their eye lenses are especially transparent. So taking good care of eyes by filtering harmful blue light is beneficial from a young age.

SaferOptics block harmful blue light HEV

That is why we created our SaferOptics lenses to completely block this High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) using the latest UV 420 technology.

UV 420 blue light filter wavelength chart

1. Natural Colours - Even though UV 420 lenses filter higher range of blue light, it doesn't affect the colour of the lenses (NO yellowish tint) and does not change how colours appear.

2. SaferOptics Proprietary Anti-Glare Coating - reduces light scatterings and reflections, improving transmission for better contrast and clarity.

3. Smooth Easy-Clean Surface - Premium lens coating with Super Hydrophobic increases lens durability such as fingerprint smudges, liquid and scratch resistance.

UV 420 is available with all SaferOptics anti blue light eyewear.

420 Basic vs 420 Safety

Optimum Protection

We believe in offering only the best range of eye care products, without compromise in quality and protection. Avoid the hassle of choosing between a lower or higher percentage of protection, or having to wear yellowish tinted glasses.

Designed for daily lifestyles and screen time usage, all SaferOptics 420 lenses offer 40 BLPF (Blue Light Protection Filter) - filtering 40% of blue light across the visible light spectrum. Peak high energy visible blue-violet light is completely filtered, while allowing healthy blue-turquoise transmission for exceptional clarity without compromising on colour perception.

Are Blue Light Glasses Safe for Children?

When choosing a pair of blue light filtering glasses for your child, keeping his or her eyes safe should be your first priority. ⚠️

Many children suffer accident-related eye injuries each year. Regular glasses are not unbreakable, and their eyes could suffer serious damage from shards of flying or shattered pieces, such as being hit by a toy, or falling down during play. 🏀

At SaferOptics, we made it our objective to offer the SAFEST GLASSES available that provide PROTECTION, not only against blue light, but also for the sense of sight.

SaferOptics 420 Safety lenses are made of Anti-Break, Shatter Proof, High Impact Resistance polycarbonate material that offers the Highest degree of Protection to keep your child's eyes out of harm. 🔨

It is our priority at SaferOptics to offer the safest eyewear for children that Protects and keeps them Safe.

Facts About Safety Lenses

PC safety material is used in aerospace applications and industrial safety goggles. Dubbed the "bullet-proof" lens due to its high impact resistance and strength, it meets global safety standards for eye protection for all ages.

SaferOptics safety high impact resistance polycarbonate lenses

Premium Features of 420 Safety Lenses

420 Safety Lenses - SaferOptics


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